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Kali Yuga : The untold story

The Kali Yuga was started at the end of Mahabharata war, according to puranas, the Kali Yuga was started in 3102 BCE. Kali Yuga is associated with the demon Kali (not to be confused with goddess Kali). The demon Kali means “Anger”, “Disagreement”, “Quarrel” and “Contention”. Kali Yuga in Krishna’s …

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Krishna- reality or myth

Krishna, Maakhan chor, natkhat Kanha, Shyam, Salona, Nandlal Yashoda-nandan… All these names are present of our beloved God.But this question has been asked to me many a times, Can this be true that all the Gopis be in love with this single person? what do you think? Is it true …

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