Golden Tweet of 2016

Every year Twitter release the most popular tweets of the year, this year Twitter served as the platform for the global conversations. Among all the tweets, Virat Kohli’s tweet in support of Anushka Sharma is termed as the Golden Tweet of the year. After poor performance of Virat Kohli in T20 World Cup, Social Media trolled Anushka Sharma the rumored girl friend of Virat Kohli. At this situation, Virat Kohli entered the field and supported her. This relevatiob by Virat Kohli is acknowledged by people across the Country.

,,See Virat Kohli's tweet

Along with Virat Kohli’s tweet, the country’s trending moments are PM Modi’s demonetisation, Delhi’s Pollution, Rio Olympics, IndvsPak T20, Make In India and much more.

Here is the most influential tweets of 2016 in India.

1. Modi’s demonetisation scheme

This year, the country’s biggest moment is the demonetisation of 500 and 1000 currency notes. This act received mixed opinions, and there are also debates over currency ban. According to twitter reports, around 650,000 tweets in 24 hours and is still trending in India.

2. Women athletes in Rio 2016

This year, India united to support and admire the women athletes of Nation during Rio Olympics. Twitter recorded millions of tweets supporting the players PV sindhu, Dipa Karmarkar and Sakshi Malik. 

3. INDvsPAK at WT20

India and Pakistan has the most intense rivalry either in the term of cricket or biological relations. On March 19th, hashtag #IndvPak trended all the day on Twitter in India and globally. Around 1.1 million  Tweets were recorded. 

4. Delhi Pollution

The capital city’s increasing population affecting the pollution is the talk all around the country through out the year. Adding to this, the Delhi government’s implementation of the Odd-Even scheme, impounded diesel vehicles and banned fire crackers is also the trend in twitter.

5. India celebrates Diwali

The India’s biggest festival Diwali, is celebrated via Tweets, photos, videos, crackers. This year, thousands of Indians used the platform Twitter to gesture the significance of Diwali. Undoubtedly, this is the most influential moment of Indian Twitter.

6. INDvsAUS at WT20

India vs Australia is one of the most exciting games of WT20. This is the most thrilling match during WT20, securing the berth for India in semi-finals. The Twitter recorded 973k Tweets during this match.

7. International Yoga Day

The 2nd International Yoga Day on June 21st was celebrated by yoga enthusiasts across the world. Twitter also customized ‘asana’ emoji for celebrating the Yoga Day.

8. Global Citizen India

On November 19th, British rock band Coldplay and American hip-hop artist Jay Z performed in India as a part of Global Citizen Festival India 2016 in Mumbai. AR Rahman along with Chris Martin performed a duet ‘Vande Mataram’. This moment recorded 80,000 Tweets.

9. India Celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi

Indians celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with Tweets, greetings, photos and videos. Twitter announced a special emoji for the first time. The special emoji is the instant hit among the Indians.

10. Filmfare Awards

The 61st Filmfare awards on January 15th, is the first celebration in the year. This included livechat, exclusive behind the scenes, videos and photos. All this made Filmfare awards the most talked Indian award show on Twitter.

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