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How Blind Pepole Identify New Indian Currency

The decision by the Indian Government to demonetize ₹500 and ₹1000 notes is on the news for the past few days. These Currency notes have undergone major changes, even though there is a lack of vision for the feature which makes a Blind person easy to identify the Currency notes.

In September 2015 a special intaglio feature( raised printing) has been introduced on left side of Bank Notes except ₹10.

 This feature is in different shapes for different denominations as follows:

  ₹ 20- Vertical Rectangle(see the Pointed area)

20 rupees note

The bank notes ₹ 100 will have 4 bleed lines in 2 block sets.

100 rupees note

The bank notes ₹ 500 will have 5 bleed lines in 3 block sets.

500 rupees note

 The bank note ₹ 2000 will have 7 bleed lines in 5 block sets.

2000  rupees note

These features are helpful for the identification of notes by Visually Impaired persons.

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