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PM Narendra Modi on Friday launched a new mobile payment app called BHIM to enable fast, secure and reliable payments for Cashless Society. This app is available for Android OS, the iOS version for Apple mobiles will be launched soon. According to government, the BHIM app allows the users to make cashless payments using their mobile phones in a secure and reliable way (Read here about BHIM app for Digital Transactions).

This BHIM app has been developed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). 

You can download the BHIM app from here: BHIM- National Payments Corporation of India

To use BHIM app:

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After downloading the BHIM app from the play store, the user has to register their bank account and set up a UPI Pin for it. The user’s mobile number will become the payment address. Once registered, you can start transacting using the BHIM app.

How to send or receive money using the BHIM app?

The user can send or receive money through a mobile number, your mobile number serves as your payment address. The money can also be sent to non-UPI supported banks. This can be done using MMID and IFSC. The user can also collect money by sending a request and reverse payments if required.

Instructions to use download and use BHIM app for transactions:

  • Download the BHIM app from play store
  • Register your account using your mobile number (the number should be registered with your bank).
  • Create a 4 digit pass-code. 
  • Select the name of your Bank.

BHIM app for Digital transactions:

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You can send money using BHIM app by two methods. First method is the phone number or the payment address of the recipient. Make sure that recipient is registered with UPI.

Second method is by entering the recipient name, account number and bank IFSC code.

Request Money
You can request money from anyone using two methods. One is by entering the mobile number or payment address. Second method is by generating a QR code for a particular amount.

Scan and Pay

BHIM app allows users to generate a QR code which can be scanned by other users to make payments.

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