Krishna- reality or myth

Krishna, Maakhan chor, natkhat Kanha, Shyam, Salona, Nandlal Yashoda-nandan… All these names are present of our beloved God.
But this question has been asked to me many a times, Can this be true that all the Gopis be in love with this single person?

what do you think?

Is it true that some person would be so perfect. knowing the past, present and future of everyone still keep quite and let them suffer just to teach them a lesson for some injustice done by them?
Do you think that a single person would be responsible for the large scale destruction of humans, animals, flora and fauna from the war of Mahabharata…??

What do I think?

I have pondered about this question a lot, after much of brainstorming, I came upon a result. Yes, I know the answer.

My answer is, I don’t care.
I don’t care whether there was actually someone who did all those things or its just a story to teach us some important lessons of life. I just know 1 thing. Krishna taught me a great deal of things and that is the most important thing.

Do you remember the last time you celebrated Janamastmi, the birth day of Lord Krishna, ate mishri- maakhan, remember the way you broke matki, remember the lessons of Bhagwat Geeta?

This is what we need to learn from Krishna, enjoy life to the fullest, start a war with someone more powerful than you, in case of any injustice done to you, but don’t forget to impart your knowledge and blessings for the future generations. If you miss any one of the them, you would definitely regret later.

Krishna taught us to not regret later and work upon my way of living. Krishna is the another word of motivation itself.

This is what I think about the existence of Krishna, what do you think? Please comment and let us know.

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