Blue Whale Game or Killer whale game

Real Lives taking game: Blue Whale Game

Suddenly a game named Blue-Whale is trending on social media and became going to famous within every second. It is reported that this game is so many attracted that all type of teenagers is dying for this game. Any teenagers who played this game for one time he or she will play for forever. After Pokemon, this game is going to be the biggest game in the world seeing today’s report.

In this game every player commit suicide  at the end and this is the most attractive part of the game. This unique news is very attractive which force the players to play the game and don’t stop the game at the middle point. Every teenagers are thinking how a Game can take so many lives . But, you gonna be shocked that truly it’s a suicide game. Generally a lot of challenges are given in this game and at last hard challenge which is most attractive is that the players have to suicide in that game.

      The game Blue-whale is invented at 2013 by a 21 years olf Russian psychology student, Philipp Budeikin . This creator had been expelled from his university. According to this guy he created this game for killing the society by killing kids who are mentally uneatable, And they have biological waste.

      This special game first became famous in european  , after than it spread on mostly famous social media in Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and others. Actually This game is conducted in all type of social group , it may be closed or private as a reason everyone can played  Blue Whale game. But anyone is approved or added any closed group than the player can play the game and take the challenges.

 In today the players are searching this game by different types of has tag likes #Bluewhale , #BlueWhale, #SeaOfWhale ,#Blue Whale, #sea of whale, #I’m in the game, #Wake me up at 4:20, #F57, #F58, #Secret House etc.

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   Once a player sign up for Blue Whale game  or also called killer whale game he / she can not leave this game without completing 50 challenge. And this instruction is showed at the the starting of the game. There are a special instructed who will give many instruction at the game in every level .There are many difficult task in the game this instructor will give every special instruction by message or call. Tha special instructor will take different types of image , video clip as a proof of cometing of the game.


  1. In the game, there is no way of leaving the game in the middle without complete. The players have to complete all 50 challenge given to the players as an instruction.
  2. And the last no challenge is 50th no challenge in which you have to commit suicide. And this is not an easy part at all.
  3. The players have to carry out this game intelligently and no one must know about it.
  4. After completing every task the players have to send a picture or video clip to the instructor.
  5. If any players leave the game in the middle way , the game willcome player and family members. They has all information.


         In the game the players may get different types of task from the special instructor choosen from the game.There are many task and i gave some task below.

  1.   Players have to club up to an ongoing train .
  2. Players have not to talk with anyone full in a whole day .
  3. Players have to watch a horror movie in a mid night
  4. Players have to put a status on his / her social media “Meeting a Whale ‘
  5. Players have to listen to a horrible music.
  6. Players have to brave a shape of Whale on players hand by blade or knife.
  7.  Players have to mite late a parts of the body like congress or toes or another part.
  8. Players have to inject a sharp pin to his or her palm or feet.
  9. Players have to watch video of committing suicide.
  10. Players have to stand on a roop or bridge.
  11. And the 50th most important part is to jump from a building or cutting vain or throat.


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