Rice Purity Test – Trends in youth How much innocent you are check now

rice purity test
The rice purity test is one of the most trending tests among young people. Why not? The questions included in this test show how much of our innocence is about things in real life. The questions asked consist of each person. Do we ever see, hear or even do these things all the time? In this post, we will discuss the interesting things of this rice purity test.

How Pure Am I?

Are you sure you are a pure person? So let’s test the rice. In this test will show what percentage of a person’s purity. Of course, everyone has a different purity. Youth is the beginning of humanity to grow. In youth we see many new things be it good or bad. However, if you can not sort between good and bad, then this will change your mindset in adulthood. In addition, this test is just an ordinary test that shows how much of our purity, especially when young. We know that no human being has true purity.

Purity Test for girl

The questions on rice purity test are mostly directed against the young girl. It says the young girl that is stretched ages 10 to 16 years. In these times young women will experience puberty. How to dress to look more beautiful, and when the love will occur in the young age range. That’s when a girl’s purity test begins. Are they affected by the negative or are they staying on the path of their purity? It much can happen in this youth.

Purity test for virgin

The most common question for the purity of a girl is about virginity. In today’s technological era, virginity and purity are rare, especially in youth. Not a few girls know about the things that smelled of the adult. They ever see, know and even do but do not think about the consequences in the future. It is unfortunate if purity and virginity lose during youth.

Can you pass the purity test

If you are challenged to do purity test do you dare to do it? Can you pass the purity test? Or are you even afraid to try it? Rice purity test is not a difficult test, this test is very easy but some people thinking this is a difficult test. Are there any tips for working on this rice purity test? The answer is, of course. There are tips and tricks to answer questions on this rice purity test. However, this time we do not discuss the tips how to pass this rice purity test.

50 Question Purity Test

The following 50 purity test questions are usually found in the rice purity test. These questions are for young girls about their virginity. Are you ready to do this purity test? If you answered Yes then you will get a score of 0 and if not then you will get a score of 10. Let’s look at 100 purity test questions below.

Question of Rice Purity Test – Virginity


  1. Ever hugged somebody?
  2. Had a date?
  3. Had a blind date?
  4. Been out on date past 4 am?
  5. Gone to a scary movie as an excuse to get close to someone?
  6. Held hands?
  7. Starring in her or his eyes romantically?
  8. Have you ever rubbed his cheeks or lips?
  9. Have you ever sucked your partner’s finger while bleeding?
  10. Slow danced?
  11. Did Slam dance?
  12. Kissed on the hand?
  13. Kissed on the forehead?
  14. Kissed her or his eyes?
  15. Kiss on the cheek?
  16. Kiss on the ear?
  17. Kiss on the neck?
  18. Kissed on the lips?
  19. Kissed with the open mouth?
  20. Kissed with tongue?
  21. Kissed for at least 5 minutes?
  22. Kissed for an hour?
  23. Kissed in the horizontal position?
  24. Kissed on the bed?
  25. Kissed under the covers on the bed?
  26. Kissed in public?
  27. Been interrupted by the police while necking (were they more embarrassed than you were)?
  28. Told somebody something “for their own good”?
  29. Have you ever flirted?
  30. Been flirted by someone?
  31. Seen a naked?
  32. Release your bra if you are a girl or release your pants if you are a boy during sleep at night?
  33. Do you care for sex organs?
  34. Have you shaved the fur on the genitals?
  35. Been naked with a MOS?
  36. Were they naked too?
  37. Been undressed by a MOS?
  38. Undressed a MOS?
  39. Been in bed naked with a MOS?
  40. Were they naked too?
  41. Slept in the same bed as a MOS? (family doesn’t count)
  42. Given/received a love bite?
  43. Given/received a love bite in an intimate area?
  44. Kissed someone below the neck?
  45. Kissed someone on her or his breast?
  46. Kissed someone below the waist
  47. Have you ever had an orgasm while kissing?
  48. Talked dirty with someone?
  49. Talk dirty with a MOS while do kissing?
  50. Had phone or cybersex?





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