The 2 Year Old Nigerian Kid Is Abandoned By His Parents. Within 1 Year He Transformed Into A Healthy Kid.

  Anja Loven Hope

Anja Riggren Loven is a charity worker. Anja Loven along with her husband runs an orphanage African Children’s special Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF), for children who have been abandoned by their families.

On January 30 106, Loven went on a rescue mission, this is where she met a little boy naked, starving to death. When Loven found him he was sick due to worms and Malnutrition. Loven offered him water.

Anja Loven offering water to Nigerian Kid
Anja Loven offering water to Kid

The boy was abandoned because his parents thought he was a witch. He had been wandering in the streets for 8 months. Loven named him Hope. He was taken to the hospital immediately, and provided treatement.  

Anja Loven Hope Treatment
The Kid being treated by Doctors

He started to gain weight and regain his energy. He recieved a fresh haircut. Now, he lives in an orphanage with other children. 

Anja Loven Hope after 8 months
Hope after 8 months

After 1 year, on January 31 2017, Anja shared a photo of Hope on Facebook. She captioned the photo with caption “This week Hope will start school”

The Abandoned Nigerian kid after 1 year
This is how Hope looks after 1 year in orphanage
 Every Year thousand’s of kids are accused as being witches in Nigeria. Belief in witchcraft in some countries is so strong that suspected children are tortures and abandoned. This lady proved that all it takes a little love and faith in humanity

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