Unsolved Mysteries Of India

[ads1]The Indian history goes back to 5 Millenial, but it also has some unsolved mysteries. Many attempts were made by the scientists and researchers, yet these stories remained as mysteries.

Here is a list of some mysteries from India that most of us never heard of:

1. The 9 Unknown Men:

 Unsolved Mysteries Of India

The Mysterious ‘9 Unknown Men’ is believed to be one of the world’s most powerful secret societies. According to legends, it was founded by Emperor Ashoka in 273 BC. Each of these 9 unknown men had been entrusted with a book of knowledge on different subjects ranging from time travel and propaganda to microbiology warfare. The actual identities of these 9 men are still a mystery. It is believed that the secret society still exists.

2. The Kongka La Pass UFO Base:

 Unsolved Mysteries Of India
The Kongka La Pass in Ladakh is located in the Himalayas. It is a disputed land between the India-China border. Both the countries keep watch over it. According to theories and nearby sightings, the place is considered as Mysterious UFO Base. The Flying saucer had been spotted across this land.

3. Is TajMahal a Shiva Temple?

 Unsolved Mysteries Of India
TajMahal, widely known as a Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s mausoleum dedicated to his wife, Mumtaz. But according to theory by New Delhi professor P.N.Oak, Tajmahal is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva called TejoMahalaya. Further theory suggests that Shah Jahan was the supreme commander, he took over the temple and made it as Tajmahal.

4. The Ghost Village Of Kuldhara:

 Unsolved Mysteries Of Ondia
[lock] Kuldhara town is 20 km’s away from Jaisalmer. One night, all its residents left the village without a trace. They were not dead nor abducted they just left. No one knows exactly what happened, they left the village to escape from the evil ruler Salim Singh. While leaving they left a curse on Village. Anyone who tries to stay in village dies a brutal death. Till now Kuldhara remains uninhabited. [/lock]

5. The Jodhpur Boom:

 Unsolved Mysteries Of India

On December 18 2012, a sudden sound was heard by people of Jodhpur. The locals investigated to find the sound. The sound almost felt like an airplane crashing sound, but there weren’t any planes flying in that area and no explosions had taken place. The entire month of December had witnessed unexplained booms all over the world, from America to the United Kingdom. Scientists are yet to find out what these booms were.

6. Shanti Devi Reincarnation:

 Unsolved Mysteries Of India
Shanti Devi was born in Delhi in the 1930s. At the age of 4, she claimed that her name was ‘Lugdi’ she insisted that her mother and father were not her real parents,  further she said she died during childbirth. Shanti Devi claimed to have reincarnated. She named the town where she lived with her husband before death.
 Shanti Devi’s parents decided to find the truth behind this reincarnation story. They soon learned about a young woman named Lugdi Devi who died during childbirth. Shanti also recognized her husband from the previous life. 

7. The Immortals of Himalayas:

It is believed that somewhere in the Himalayas there is a city inhabited by mysterious immortals.No one dies here. The city is known as Gyanganj and no one can access this place. 

8. The Man who lived without food and water:

 Unsolved Mysteries Of India
Prahlad Jani, is an Indian Sadhu, he is a staunch devotee of goddess Amba. This man claims that he can live without food are even water and has starving since 1940. Till today, 2 observations have been conducted on Jani. In an observation, he was observed by 3 cameras of 15 days. Jani didn’t eat or had water during those 15 days. Even after 15 days, the man had no symptoms of starvation or dehydration. It still remains unexplained.

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