Who is happier

Who is happier?

                                                     आज का सुविचार 
Who is happier

Thought of the day

Try not to give an excessive amount of influence to cash. Cash has its part to play in Life  

It’s not simply cash that makes things work; individuals have power in their determination. Large portions of the enormous shows that have happened on the planet, huge changes that have come through on the planet, they didn’t happen through cash.

At the point when Mahatma Gandhi began this enormous development in India, he didn’t do it as a result of cash. It is a dream that takes you along. Cash has its part to play, yet don’t think cash is everything. In the event that you have a solid vision of benefiting something to the general public, I let you know assets will come without anyone else’s input. Nature will begin helping you.

Let’s do not think money is everything it has its own limit.

Try to motivate you in your Goal not in the money.

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